I LOVE running writing workshops for young people!

If you would like me to come and run a workshop at your school or youth group then please ask your teacher to check out this website and drop me an email at: 


Here are a selection of some of the workshops I run:

Creating an Unforgettable Hero or Heroine
Fun and interactive workshop using character questionnaires, roleplays and personal experience to create an unforgettable main character for your story.

Finding the Plot
How to write an attention-grabbing beginning, a page-turning middle and a powerful end – using practical written exercises and group discussion and feedback.

5D Description
A workshop crammed full of fun exercises to show you how to use all of your senses in your description and make your writing really come to life

A practical workshop in editing, including a fun look at common writing mistakes, a guide to editing like a pro, and a chance for you to use what you’ve learnt to polish and complete your own pieces of work.

Dream it, Write it, Be it!
How writing can help you become the confident and unique heroine of your own life story. Fun and engaging written exercises and roleplays designed to tackle the issues you face as a young person. Issues such as friendships, bullying, self-esteem-building, exam stress and love.

My Work Stuff
As well as being a YA author, I’m an editorial consultant for Hothouse Fiction, a life coach, author of several novels for adults, and I’ve worked extensively as a writing coach for young people – as writer in residence for a London high school, and in partnership with many councils, libraries, theatres, youth groups and charities. I’m currently running a writing project for homeless teens at London’s Centrepoint, and I’m an ambassador for Cardiff Women’s Aid, a charity helping the victims of domestic abuse.


The following people have either employed me to run workshops or attended my workshops and lived to tell the tale. Here's what they have to say:

Siobhan has proved herself an excellent workshop leader and has built a strong and productive workshop with her own unique blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth.’ Dale Arndell, Arts Development Officer, London Borough of Harrow

Siobhan has worked in our school, leading workshops with Year 7 and Year 8 students. Following independent study to create their own stories, Siobhan then helped them through the editing and refining process. Once they were satisfied with their achievements, Siobhan helped the students to rehearse reading their stories aloud. A performance of readings then took place at our local library, and was much enjoyed by students, parents and the wider community. Our Director of English and Drama found Siobhan to be very supportive and encouraging, and the students clearly benefited from the experience. They enjoyed the whole process and produced some very impressive writing.’ Penny Maas, Director of Community and Partnership Learning, Ruislip High School

Siobhan brings out the best in all her writers. She is always honest, good humoured and manages to fill us with hope and the desire to do better. She's a gentle and inspiring guide. I went to Siobhan when I was pretty much down and out in writing terms. We talked, I cried a bit and laughed a lot and having listened to her wise words came away enthused to start afresh. I did, and my new attitude has brought good luck and success - and my sessions with Siobhan were the launchpad.Anna May Mangan, best-selling author and broadcaster

I have known Siobhan for ten years in her capacity as a creative writing workshop leader and during that time I have come to realise that she is a person with an immense natural ability to see straight to the heart of whatever problems she is presented with. Time and again I have seen her help faltering students gain clarity and confidence and thus move successfully towards their creative goals. Siobhan is an excellent and sympathetic listener, but also highly practical and these gifts, combined with her understanding of writing and artistic expression give her a unique approach to problem solving I have found profoundly valuable.’ Charlotte Baldwin, Arts Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon

Working with Siobhan has been truly inspirational. As a workshop leader her magical touch both encourages and teaches. I can honestly say my time with her has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. From a scribbler two years ago she has coaxed me into finishing my first novel, which won the Donard Publishing competition and is now in print.’ Wally Robson

Siobhan is a caring, intuitive and professional coach, not only as a Writing Coach but also as a Life Coach.  She has helped me reach the stage where I am poised to submit to publishers.  I never would have got this far without her special gifts. I would certainly recommend aspiring writers to seek out Siobhan to find an endless source of inspirational guidance.Patricia Jacobs

‘I have found Siobhan to be inspiring and thought-provoking, with excellent listening skills followed by fair, gentle and honest analysis. Subsequently I have been given focus, drive and direction and have placed creative writing at the centre of my life.’ James Lee

I have been to other writing groups but they are not a patch on Siobhan’s. Her skills as a teacher and mentor are amazing. Under her gentle, positive guidance I have seen two short plays staged in London theatres and performed my poetry at numerous events.’ Sonya Weiss.

Siobhan is a natural when it comes to teaching. She always manages to be encouraging and bring out the best in her writers no matter what their level of ability. My writing has come on in leaps and bounds since attending her workshop.Phil Lawder

The following quotes are from people who attended a writing course I ran for people who are full-time carers living in the London Borough of Hillingdon

I have learnt to relax a bit more and take up something new. It has given me more confidence in everyday life, as I am doing things I didn’t think I was capable of. I have enjoyed using my brain again and letting my imagination run wild. It is like a form of counselling that unburdens your inner self and leaves you feeling happier and more in control.’

‘The exercises are very good at making you look at people and yourself from the inside. This helps you to understand why people act the way they do.’

‘I feel like a different person since completing the course. Now I know I am not just a carer, but that I have needs too.’

‘This course has helped me to express my feelings and sort some of them out – a fantastic outlet and Siobhan is so patient and understanding.’

‘Finding a way to communicate my feelings and frustrations has been invaluable.’

‘This course has been very beneficial on a personal level. The writing has really helped to bring me out of myself and our tutor, Siobhan creates an atmosphere of safety and support.’

‘I had never really done much writing before but these exercises have shown me that I am capable of a lot more than I ever could have dreamed.’

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