Dream it, Write it, Be it!

"I’m so tired of feeling sad. And waiting for other people to make me happy and they don’t. And if no-one else is going to make you happy, well maybe you just have to do it for yourself?”

The above quote is from the main character, Georgie, in my novel, Dear Dylan

When I wrote this I was drawing upon feelings I remember having as a fourteen-year-old. And judging by a lot of the emails I've received from readers, it's quite a common feeling for other young people too.

In Dear Dylan, Georgie also refers to a (fictional) book called Dream it, Live it, Be it, which is all about the importance of living your dreams, and this inspires her to overcome obstacles at home to achieve her own dream.

Georgie dreams of one day becoming an actress.

What do you dream of being or doing?

In the years I've been working as a life coach (helping people achieve their dreams) and a writer, I've seen at first hand how writing about your dreams can help to make them happen.

I will be blogging about this regularly on Dear Writer - showing you how simple and fun writing exercises can help you become more confident and overcome stressful things such as bullying, friendship issues and exam stress, as well as help you to achieve any dreams you might have and make you feel happier generally.

I've called it Dream it, Write it, Be it! because this is the process the exercises will take:

  • First, you have a dream - maybe, like Georgie in Dear Dylan, it's to be an actress, or it could be that you want to become more confident or happier in your life
  • Second, I'll ask you to write about it
  • And finally, you take the first steps to being whatever it is that you dream of

It's a lot of fun, and gets some great results.

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